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19. International Dental Congress of Turkish Dental Association was held in Ankara from 31 May to 2 June. It was attended by 3000 dentists from around the world.

For the purpose of exchanging ideas in the field of dental profession and increasing both scientific and economic cooperation, 2nd Neighbouring Countries Collaboration Platform meeting, to which 20 Presidents of Dental Association had been invited consisting of the countries of Albania, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Georgia, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Lebanon, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Greece, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, was held on Friday, June 1st, 2012 within the 19. International Dental Congress of Turkish Dental Association.

The meeting at which the President of Turkish Dental Association Prof. Dr. Taner YUCEL on behalf of Turkey and Prof. Dr. Nermin YAMALIK and Dr. Duygu ILHAN members of Platform working group and the Foreign Affairs Committee of TDA attended, President of the Dental Association of Albanian Dorjan HYSI, President of the Association of Azerbaijan Prof. Dr. Rena ALIYEVA, President of Bosnia Herzegovina Dental Association Prof. Dr. Medi GANIBEGOVIC, the President of Bulgarian Dental Association Boris MILANOV and Vice-President Dr. Nikolai SHARKOV, General Secretary of Georgian Dental Association Prof. Dr. Vladimer MARGVELASHVILI, the President of the Palestinian Dental Association Dr Ibrahim GHANNAM, The President of the Iraqi Dental Association Dr. Rafae Muhammed Abbas AL-JOBORY, the President of the TRNC Dental Association Huseyin BICAK, the President of Kyrgyzstan Dental Association Abibilla KALBEEVA and the Head of External Relations Ilshat YULDASHEV, President of Kosovo Dental Association Dr. Ali GASHI, Dr. Samer HAND HOUR from Lebanese Dental Association, President of Egyptian Dental Association Prof. Dr. Tarek ABBAS, President of Uzbekistan Dental Association Prof. Dr. Rakhmatulla NIGMATOV, Vice President of Jordan Dental Association Dr.Samir AL QUDAH, President of Tunisian Dental Association Dr. Khaled TANAZEFTI and the General Secretary of Turkish Dental Businessmen Association Namik SONMEZ (DISSIAD) also participated in.

The Vice-President of Turkish Dental Association Kadir Tumay IMRE, General Treasurer Bilge SIMSEK and members of Board of Directors of TDA Muharram ARMUTLU and Nese DURSUN were also in the meeting with the President of the Chamber of Dentists of Hatay Mehmet COLAK. Since the Minister of Health Prof. Dr. Recep AKDAG was expected to attend to the meeting but could not, Deputy Undersecretary Dr. Ismail DEMIRTAS participated in the meeting on behalf of Minister.

Prof. Dr. Taner Yucel, president of the Turkish Dental Association spoke about the importance of cooperation between neighboring countries, the status of a member of the Platform and joint websites, magazines. Then the presidents of other associations reported on their associations, their successes and wishes to cooperate at the level of the platform. The following third Platform Meeting will be held in Istanbul under the FDI 2013Congress.

In Ankara, there was a future president of FDI Dr. Tin Chun WONG.

Prof. Dr. Nermin YAMALIK, a member of the Commission for External Relations of the Turkish Dental Association, has accepted the proposal of Prof. Dr. Maida Ganibegovic for establishing cooperation between our dental associations. Since Prof. Dr. Nermin YAMALIK is a main coordinator for international cooperation and education, we agreed to sign the Agreement between our associations and faculties, too.

In addition from the link of the magazine of Bosnia Herzegovina Dental Association you can reach the article about the Platform written by the President Prof. Dr. Medi GANIBEGOVIC.
At the end of the meeting, it was decided to create a web site of Neihbouring Countries Dental Associations Collabration Platform for the purpose of centering the journals, conferences, meetings and the other data of the platform on a common ground. Next year and in following years will Platform continue its workings hosted by Turkish Dental Association.


  • Working Group minutes which were approved by WG chairman Prof. Dr. Tarek ABBAS on 02.06.2011, contact information list and congress photos sent to the Neighboring Countries Dental Associations.
  • The documents mentioned below were sent to the president of Syrian Dental Association Fadia DEEB and president of Saudi Arabia Dental Association M. Al KAHTANI who were not able to attend the platform meeting for personal reasons and they add their contact information and congress dates to the information list.
  • On phone call of Iran Dental Association Vice President Dr. Mithad Behnam whom we invited to the Platform previously but had no reply we informed him about the Neighboring Countries Collaboration Platform and the meeting minutes and contact information list was sent to him.
  • A survey on journals of Neighboring Dental Associations has been sent on 19.07.2011. A journal table was generated according to the answers to the journal questionnaire and it was sent to the Neighbouring Countries Collaboration Platform members. Thank you very much for your time and effort with the questionnaire answers.
  • An e-mail of invitation to Neighbouring Countries Collaboration Platform has been sent to the Bulgarian Dental Association, no reply was received. Also an informative e-mail after the Platform meeting was sent to the Bulgarian Dental Association.
  • Beirut Dental Congress was realized by Lebanese Dental Association in September 2011
  • Dental Congresses of Georgian, Kosovo-Albanian and Egyptian Dental Associations were realized in October 2011.
  • Dental Congress of Hellenic Dental Association was realized in November 2011.
  • Dental Congress of Saudi Dental Association was realized in February 2012.
  • International Dental Congress of Turkish Dental Association is realized in 31st of May and 2nd of June 2012.
  • Neighbouring Countries Collaboration Platform meeting takes place within TDA International Dental Congress in 1st of June, 2012.




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